Our Soaps

I never intended making soaps - always said that I wouldn't - then my daughter asked me if we could find a palm-free soap to use at home and I started to do some research. 


Palm oil is a great soap making ingredient and it's in so many of the commercially produced soaps, along with chemicals to harden and extend the soap's shelf life.  I decided to try to make our soap myself - I had some of the ingredients, from making bath bombs and lotions, but it was a completely different area for me.  Anyway I just love the challenge and reward of formulating a new product!


I started researching different combinations of oils and butters and ended up with our standard combination of butters - cocoa and shea, along with some great oils - coconut, ricebran, avocado and castor.  Each of those oils brings different properties to the soap, containing vitamins, fatty acids and anti-oxidants that nourish and protect.  So the blend of oils is important to the feel of the finished product.

I also found that the way the soap is formulated changes the amount of "free oils"- oils that are included in the soap formula but haven't been turned into soap.  Those free oils make the soap more gentle and nourishing.  The industry standard is 0-5%, whereas our standard soap has 7% free oils and we formulate up to 10% for special bars.

We started making and using our own soap in mid-2018 - then gifted it to friends who gave us such great feedback that we decided to take it further.   We hope that you enjoy them too!

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