A note about the packaging of these products

We package our bath bombs in polyolefin shrink wrap so that they arrive in great condition and last longer if you store them.  This shrink wrap is food-safe and classified as recyclable (symbol 4).  

There are now some stores that offer soft plastic recycling collection bins.  Visit The Packaging Forum website page to find a store near you that offers this service.

We also have an alternative film that is compostable and we are pleased to offer that as an option (this film is not shrinkwrap but a food-safe compostable wrap.  Our supplier has assured us that the film will break down fully in a home composting system but will take a little longer due to variable conditions (up to 24 months).  If you would like to choose compostable film, please let us know when you confirm your order.  We do not recommend that bath bombs packaged in compostable film are stored for any length of time (as the film is designed to break down and will allow moisture to penetrate the packaging).